Monday, September 19, 2016

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5 Symptoms of Kidney Stone You Should Be Aware Of Right Now!

Kidney stones are a serious urinary tract disorders. They are hard, crystalline minerals developed in the kidneys when there is too much calcium, oxalate and uric acid to dilute. It can vary in size and shape and it occurs mostly in people 20-40 years old.

Small stones can pass from the body easily but if the stones are larger, it would be hard to expel and it can cause different symptoms of discomfort if the urethra is blocked. Any blockage can, of course, cause sever pain.

Here are the symptoms that everyone should know:

– Kidney pain
It would be one of the worst pains that one can experience as it affects not only your kidneys but also genitals, groin, and back. If a stone is stuck in one of the kidneys, it can cause pain in the abdominal area.

– Renal colic
The bad thing about this is that the pain can come and go or it is constant. The stone moves inside of the kidneys and it can cause sweating and sickness.

– Blood in urine
The rubbing of the stone against the inside of your ureter can cause bleeding, resulting to your blood mixing with urine. You can also experience pain while peeing

– Fever
It is one of the infections caused by kidney stones.

– Pain record
Try to analyze the time when pain appears if you are not certain that you have kidney stones. Morning pains are common if you do not urinate so often before sleeping at night.

Do you have these symptoms? Try to consult your doctor!
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