Thursday, August 11, 2016

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VIRAL: This Teenage Girl Goes Viral and The Reason Will Extremely Dissapoint You!!!

A lot of youth nowadays seek attention especially through the social media. They try to find belonging with the online community. But sometimes, it goes overboard.

As the modern technologies produce the people become more into social media, which just cause some frustration to them. Now, people goal is just to impress others and collect likes and attention, just like this girl, she is one of the youth that frustrated aiming for fame. This teenage girl goes viral after posting a picture ( click this link to see the photo ) of herself almost half n@ked, not topless, but bottomless. This shocked a lot of netizens and they cannot help but express their concern with the obviously minor teen.

Some netizens expressed how the young generation gets more and more attracted to fame that even their own purity and dignity can be at stake. But we urge every young person to always respect yourself. This is something you have to learn by yourself, so other people can respect you as well. Fame fades eventually, but some damages cannot be fixed.

Source: NC
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