Monday, August 29, 2016

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Teen Dies Of Blood Clot After His Girlfriend Gave Him A Love Bite! Unbelievable? READ This!

Julio Macias Gonzales is a 17-year-old male from Mexico who died from stroke. He was having dinner with his family when he convulsed and died.

The doctors confirmed that he died due to blood clot that went all the way to his brain from a love bite or hickey his girlfriend allegedly gave him.

Despite the quick response of the paramedics, the young teen died.

Hickeys or 'love bite' is caused by the sucking of skin which leads to the bursting of tiny blood vessels causing bruises. Usually, these love bites are harmless and fades a few days afterwards. Unfortunately, Julio's was a different and much more severe case.

According to reports, his 24-year-old girlfriend is now on the run, terrified of the consequences that lie with her boyfriend's death.

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