Monday, August 29, 2016

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Pregnant Woman Caught Her Boyfriend M@king Love With Someone. To Her Surprise, He's M@king Love With Another Man! Shocking!

A woman confessed about the shocking love story that she had with the father of her baby.

During the time that she got pregnant, her partner was busy studying at the Far Eastern University taking up a degree in Architecture.

The woman who used a codename of Lovehasnoboundaries shared the story in FEU Secret Files.

According to her post, she decided to surprise her boyfriend by visiting him in his condominium unit.

The man said that he had requirements to finish for their final exams. She directly went to the condo unit.

The pregnant woman was shocked to see that her boyfriend was m@king love with another person and it was with another man.

The woman was so shocked that she fainted and the next thing that happened was that she was in a hospital. The eyes of his partner was pleading her not to tell anything about what she witnessed.

But that all happened 3 years ago, the man whom she refers as 'beks' supports her children.

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