Monday, August 29, 2016

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Poor Tribal Man Carried The Dead Body Of His Wife For 10KM After The Hospital Refused To Give Them Transport

With his 12-year-old daughter, this poor tribal man had to walk for 10 kilometer as he is carrying the dead body of his wife on his shoulder.

Based on the reports, the husband needed to endure the pain of carrying the corpse because the hospital failed to give them a vehicle to transport the body.

The man was identified as Dana Majhi, carrying his wife Amang Dei from the government hospital. The wife passed away on August 23 due to the complications of tuberculosis at the district hospital of Bhawanipatna.

The New Indian Express wrote n their article that the hospital staff didn’t give him the vehicle support so he decided to carry it on his own.

A local group of television channel saw that he was carrying the body wrapped in a blanket.

“I told the hospital authorities that I am a poor man and cannot afford a vehicle. They said they could not offer any help,” said Majhi to the crew of the tv channel.

The crew of the local network called the District Collector Office and arranged to have an ambulance bring the body for the remaining 50-km journey.

There are 40 ambulance which are being deployed to the 37 government hospital so the refusal was shocking. Their government has a ‘Mahaparayana’ scheme which offers transport of the deceased body to their homes without any charges.

“As we got to know of the incident, we spoke to the CDMO and arranged for an ambulance,” said the District Collector of Kalahandi Brunda D.

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