Monday, August 22, 2016

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Philippines Is Now A Rising Tiger In Asia and Expected To Be Number One by 2050

It was on the latter parts of 2014 when the World Bank made amazing news that the Philippines is no longer the "sick man of Asia," and have become "the rising tiger."

Philippines was believed to be the fastest growing economy among other countries in Southeast Asia due to good investments, good governance and firm economic fundamentals.

An international bank also predicted that the country will be the 16th largest economy in a few decades from now due to great demographics and a better education standard being set up.

They were predicting Philippines to overtake 27 other countries by 2050. This was due to the economic growth and progress during the last administration.

Now lies the question of sustainability with the new administration. With the new President all set on his war with drugs and crimes, will our economy falter or grow more than all have presumed and expected.

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