Wednesday, August 24, 2016

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People now feel safer under Duterte, says Cayetano

The senate hearing regarding the alleged extrajudicial killings has already started. Despite the attacks against the ADHOC committee head Senator Leila De Lima, the committee was able to carry out the questioning to the involved agencies where PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa has been present. Due to the increasing number of deaths connected to illegal drugs, many criticisms have been thrown against the administration.

But Senator Alan Peter Cayetano has once again came to defend running mate last elections President Duterte and drove a powerful point in the hearing. He noted that the media and the human rights advocates have been leaving out the positive effects of the ongoing campaign against drugs.

''Drug lords and their supporters are on the run. People are beginning to feel safe. There is a renewed trust on our law enforcers and government under President Duterte,'' Cayetano said.

He also pointed out how murder and homicide cases significantly decreased compared to the previous administration. Cayetano presented the data: "there was a daily average of 34 murder and homicide cases in 2010; 32 in 2011; 32 in 2012; 44 in 2013; 36 in 2014; 34 in 2015; and 30 from January to June 2016."

But when Duterte assumed office, it is now down to 20. ''More than about a third are now being saved everyday because of efforts of the PNP [Philippine National Police],'' he said.

He also pointed out how the term "extra-judicial killings" must have been somewhat misinterpreted or taken loosely.

''Sa umpisa pa lang ng hearing na ito, kung ano anong numero na narinig natin. Did they clarify which was extra-judicial killing or not?" he said.

''Ang mga pushers, user kailangan ng pera, nagnanakaw. But because nagsu-surrender ang mga user, nahuhuli, pababa ang crime volume,'' he added.

Meanwhile, Cayetano also argued that there was an Administrative Order issued by the former President Aquino saying "''killings related to common criminals and/or perpetration of their crimes'' shall not be considered an extra-judicial killing." This invalidates the criticisms as claimed by Cayetano.

Source: ABS-CBN
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