Monday, August 22, 2016

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'Pak Ganern' Dyoga's version

The word " Dyoga " is a Filipino slang for woman's breasts.
Dyoga is now online internet sensation it is because of her videos that emphasized her chests.The size of her chest is big for her body size. The main reason why it went viral is because of two reasons, the people who enjoys seeing her videos and the people who are bashing her for what she is doing.

But who is this " Dyoga Girl "? She is Kaysee Gregorio and now another video of hers is uploaded online to piss off many people again. She created her own video of 'Pak Ganern' which was made viral by the Showtime hosts.

On the caption of video she wrote: Im back!!??
Pak ganern dyoga version
Uunahan kona yung iba jan. Respeto Respeto Respeto pls!!Bwahahahhah
Meanwhile, the said video gained mixed reactions from the social media users.

Source: Facebook
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