Saturday, August 13, 2016

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OFW Construction Worker Hits Lotto Jackpot of Php112M While on Vacation!

This construction worker who had been working in Saudi on a contractual basis for 10 years now. But seems like he doesn't have to go back and work his way off to fortune as he is now millionaire!

How? This unnamed OFW has been betting in Lotto. When he is away for Saudi, his wife would bet it for him. During his recent vacation in the Philippines, this 33-year old OFW placed a Php20 bet in his standard combination of 33-35-13-27-05-12 in a lotto ticket booth in Cavite.

But this time, he nailed the jackpot Php111,998,556.00. He is now considering not to go back to Saudi anymore. Though the fees is subjected to big taxes, it is enough to sustain his family.

PCSO Vice chair and General Manager Jose Ferdinand Rojas II was happy with the winner and told him  “It was really hard working as an overseas Filipino worker, especially as a contractual worker in a construction firm.”

The winner is trying to find for business that he can invest his money from while he will be saving some for his children's future.
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