Saturday, August 27, 2016

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Netizen Disappointed with these two Nurses Chillin' While Still on Duty Even if There's an Emergency in Front of Them!

A picture of two nurses who's pretty much relaxing in one corner of the hospital while there is an emergency case in front of them caught the attention of many Netizens now on social media.

A bloody patient together with his father approached the hospital to ask for immediate assistance, but unfortunately, they only received few because other nurses around seems so busy assisting the other patients, Except these two nurses that was seen nearby their area, who's just staring at them.

Many Netizens are now giving their reaction about these two ladies. They believe that they should not show this kind of act while they are still on duty wearing their white nurse uniform.  There are many disappointed Netizens who are now giving their bad comments about these two nurses. They claimed that their profession needs people who are very attentive and with dedication to do their job well, because they are dealing with human’s life and health.

How about you? What do you think?

Source: TNP
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