Thursday, August 11, 2016

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MRT Girl's Concealed Job Emerged On Different Social Media Sites!

Recently, a woman posted her rant on Facebook, after not getting a seat in MRT because of a working student who refused to give her the spot that he already have, this story is now viral online and still garnering a lot of negative reactions from our Netizens.

The man was seated in front of her in the MRT. She then took a photo of the man and posted it online along with an offensive caption insulting the man.

Because of this post, the online community could not help but bash . In line with this matter, the people dug deep into the past activities of the woman.

It appears that there is a secret job that this MRT girl has been keeping. All of the hate that the netizens have resulted to them making a background check on her.

It is a known fact that before you expect others to respect you you should learn to respect yourself first.

However, there is no confirmation whether this conversation is real or not. It could possibly be edited by some of the bashers of the MRT girl. Monique Olandesca did not release any information whether the said conversation is tru or not.

Let us not judge her because of this photo. There are tons of conversations that are digitally altered and untrue. Monique remains silent about the issue.

Source: TNP
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