Tuesday, August 16, 2016

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'Lahat Ibubulgar Ko,' A former Aquino staff exposed the true colors of the Aquino family!

One of the personnel of the Aquino Administration has recently confessed everything that had happened during President Aquino's term that people have no idea about.

In his video, he called the former President Aquino as a pretentious man and that the reason why he doesn't carry the name of being a Cojuanco is to hide everything and to clean his name.

He claims that in 2010, the Philippines got involved in human trafficking in America. Since he's a Public Servant Welfare Officer in the Embassy of Washington D.C., it's his job to investigate about it.

But then, the  the secretary of labor Rosalinda Baldoz, former POEA chief, told him to back off and to take his hands off this case.

“Alam na natin kung bakit ako pinapa-hand-off,” he said

He said that they told him that the issue was too sensitive that's why he has to take his hands off from it. But then, he said that he knew it then that the reason why the government doesn't want him to investigate the case is because they knew that he can spill everything that the investigation will say.

The issue was then exposed in the Philippine media channel ABS-CBN and he has been receiving lots of threats in his life. The Department of Labor then asked him to go back to the Philippines but he refused to do so because of the fear that they might end his life.

Source: Ph.reports
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