Friday, August 5, 2016

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Korea discovered pill from China are made in HUMAN PILLS!

‘Cure-all’ medicines from China which actually contains powdered human baby flesh were recently confiscated by South Korean officials

- The ingredients, which were 99.7% human flesh, were believed to be manufactured in China

- Millions of babies were aborted in China every year to control their growing population

Recently, authorities in South Korea discovered 17,000 pill from China are made up of 99.7-99.9% human flesh! These pills are capsules which are believed to be a "cure-all" medication that can help boost the stamina. But contrary to its claims, these contain harmful substances, not to mention that they are human remains. These findings are after the capsules underwent series of tests conducted in South Korea Laboratories.

The smugglers of the pills are now detained and but they denied to know the process of the manufacturing. However, police found out that the pills are manufactured in North Eastern China which are run by medical staff who are responsible for gathering aborted babies and tipping companies.

The corpses of these babies are then brought to the refrigerator. TThey will be then dropped off to clinics and will be places on medical drying microwaves. After the skin is dry, it will be pounded into powder and mixed with some herbs to avoid inspections.

South Korea has reached out to China regarding the horrendous act. The Chinese denied the allegations.

Source: KAMI
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