Wednesday, August 31, 2016

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Homeless Man Receives A Job And A New Home After He Returned Wallet With Cash Inside! Inspiring!

They say goodness pays and is the reward reaped from the deed itself.

However, despite the act that is already rewarding, story of a homeless man being rewarded from his honesty have greatly inspired many and showed that you don't need to expect rewards, for fate has a great way of delivering.

This homeless man from Thailand returned a Hermes wallet which contained THB 20,000 or $578 and a credit card after the owner did not realize that the wallet must have fell.

For someone homeless, it would have been really tempting to take the wallet for himself, but he did not do so. He went to a local police station to drop by and return the wallet with the cash intact.

The owner, Niity Pongkriangyos only found out she have lost it after it had been found.

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