Tuesday, August 30, 2016

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We have all dream of migration to other countries one way or another. Some have become successful, some weren't. But did you know that Canada is very much willing to accommodate people who wanted to migrate in their land? Yes, you read that right. However, make sure you know the things below to be eligible for a work permit.

*Have Enough Money
You have to justify your stay by showing records of your financial stability for yourself and your family before securing your working permit.

*No Criminal Record
This is here for obvious reasons. Besides, Canada implements law in a very strict manner. Their security is the government's utmost priority.

*Be Healthy
To be able to secure a work permit, they require medical examination as any company does.

*Work for the RIGHT employer
Make sure to secure an employer before flying to the country. Canada has a good list of companies you can apply to but they also had list of companies you shouldn't work for. Make sure to double-check.

*Leave When You Should
Do not go over your working permit. Stay honest and leave when you have to leave. They do not tolerate 'TNTs' as much as they're welcoming. This is important so will not have any trouble in renewing your work permit.

Other eligibilities:
*Student Permit
If your parents or spouse, or you, has a study or a working permit, you are automatically eligible for a working permit.

*Graduated in Canada
If you have completed a program in a Canadian University, Community College, CEGEP, Public technical school or any eligible school, then you are automatically eligible for a working permit.

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