Friday, August 5, 2016

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Flush Out The Toxins From Your Body By Doing This To Your Feet!

Detoxifying our bodies is one way of staying healthy, and this method comes in different forms whether it be by fruits, vegetables or juice, the market already provides various ways for such.

However, surprisingly, did you know that there is a new way of detoxifying that is probably unheard of?

A method of flushing unwanted toxins from our body through our feet using foot pads is believed to be effective and may reduce foot pain. The foot pads is made from natural resources such as bamboo and tree extracts.

Aside from that, you can also detoxify through foot bathing by pouring Espom salt in a basin filled with warm water and apple cider for 30 minutes, relax and let the detoxifying begin!

Lastly, is through an electonic ionic foot bath through charging the water in positive and negative ions with sea salt. This process will extract the toxins from your feet. The water may soon become brown, this means the toxins are really being extracted from your foot!
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