Saturday, August 13, 2016

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Cum Laude graduate dies after being stabbed 49 times by 2 drug addicts right after her first paycheck!

A heartbreaking story of a Cum Laude graduate that was murdered by drug addicts has now been circulating online!

The 20-year-old daughter of Milagros and Juancho Magalan named Cyrish Magalan once dream of becoming a flight stewardess. Because of that, she chose to take a degree in Tourism at the University of Santo Tomas. She devoted her life with her studies.

A day before her graduation, she handed an envelope to her mom. She thought that it was just another bill from the school, but when she opened it, she was surprised to find out that it was an announcement from the school saying that her daughter will graduate as a Cum Laude.

After graduating as a Cum Laude, she got a job at the SMX Convention Center.

On October 30, 2012, she finally got her first paycheck. She's excited to come home with donuts and other treats for her family, little did she know that her life will then  be ended.

IT was already 9 in the evening yet her family still hasn't seen her. The following day, the lifeless body of Cyrish was found. 49 stab wounds have ended her life.

The suspects named Roel Gacita and Rolin Gacita admitted what they've done and even said that they were not themselves during that time.

Source: Rachfeed
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