Wednesday, July 13, 2016

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Who is the girl behind the 10pm scandal?

Aubrey Gonzaga aka 10pm girl
Last night "10pm girl" gone viral in the social media, Some netizen ask who is she and why this anonymous girl became viral?

She became viral in the social media because of her videos were of a minor girl going all the way with her boyfriend. Based on Facebook, there are some stories saying that this 10PM girl is already dead.

This 10PM girl's real name is Aubrey Gonzaga.

It is said that she was a Grade 7 student when the videos were created. Those videos started to circulate and went viral two years after. This girl was bullied by her friends at school and online. She then commited suicide due to depression and humiliation.

Other version of the story asserted that she is still alive and the story about her being dead is just a cover-up to make the people stop talking about her.

The video was removed on Facebook due to inappropriate content and some says it is re uploaded on YouTube.

source: Youtube
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