Tuesday, July 19, 2016

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The truth behind about the Island Dispute of China and Philippines Finally Revealed! Shocking!

Facebook user named Riyoh claiming that there had been a conspiracy behind the South Sea dispute between China and the Philippines.

He claimed that the dispute in the arbitration case and the ruling itself were all planned out by the US government in order to justify a war and that this may possibly lead to World War 3 if the Philippines would not come in between. He even claimed that the past administration was in it with US government serving as a puppet to the latter. He also discussed the chances of the liberal party and their allies conniving into impeaching the current president in order to put VP Robredo in place to continue the plans they had.

" Do what you have to do to stop this war" The message was clear, however whether his source are credible or not or where his info came from was not discussed.

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