Friday, July 15, 2016

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This content contains sensitive video report about a 'monster cyst' often can be found as one of the most inevitable medical conditions in women.

This monster-like humongous tumor has the resemblance of some human body parts such as hair, teeth, bones and fats and it can grow up to the size of a fist.

In the report made by Bandila Xtra, a specific case of a patient was featured. She is Michelle Tolentino from Bulacan, a victim of this monstrous cyst.

Tolentino is a 25-year-old laboratory analyst by profession. She said she found out that she has this tumor inside her when she was trying to get a medical certificate to get to work but her doctor noticed something wrong with her lab results.

Her red blood cell count was consistently high so they decided to examine her uterus and discovered a huge mass underlying it.

Dermoid cyst is the diagnosis given to Michelle's case. This medical condition is basically known as monster cyst because it has fats, hair, teeth, and bony cartilages.

This usually starts during fetal development up until postmenopausal period. According to experts, this cannot be avoided and it will come out no matter at a certain of our lives. Women ages 20-50 years old have the potential to generate this kind of cyst and 33% percentage rate of developing it by reproductive-aged women. 

This is a very alarming case for women that's why medical experts advised every single women to have a regular checkup to avoid being "baog" or sterile. 

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