Thursday, June 23, 2016

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Water gasoline? Filipino inventor successfully runs vehicles with water! [MUST WATCH]

Noli Dazo, a Filipino inventor, has discovered a way to minimize the cost spent on gasoline for the Filipino people, Philippine residents, and maybe the whole human population.

He called his invention as the " Dazo Water Fuel Hydrogen or better known as the Tubig na Gasolina or Water Gasoline "
it can run vehicles of all kinds, including trucks, cars, motorcycles, and more. The Tubig na Gasolina can take the place of either the gasoline or the diesel.

According to Dazo's post, he said that his invention burns quickly and is cleaner and more powerful.

"With 3 times the power as standard petrol or diesel, and this, in turn, helps to fully ignite and burn the standard fuel going into the engine."

you can watch the video here:
Source: Facebook
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