Monday, May 2, 2016

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An Old Farmer's Carabao Was Killed by Thieves That Left Netizens Angry!

Carabaos are considered to be one of the most helpful animals in the farm. Not only that they help in the plowing of fields and served as a mean of transportation, the animals are also considered to be one of the most faithful companions of the people.

In this photo you will see that an old man now mourns for what the heartless thieves did to his beloved Carabao.

This photo was posted by Filipino Netizen, Netizen were filled with sadness and anger at the same time, expressing sympathy for the poor farmer ang lashing out at the heartless thieves for taking away the farmer's source of livelihood and income.

Other netizen wanted to help this old man in order to buy a new carabao thet would help him in the farm.
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