Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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A girl announced on facebook that she has a relationship with her brother?

Nowadays , every picture , words or anything that we put on social media quickly spread we should be careful what we put in here.

A shocking photograph of a girl declaring that she has a relationship with her brother is making rounds on social media. The young girl's name is Jane, and it appears that she isn't shy of confessing her feelings to let everyone know that she and her brother have fallen heels over heads.

The controversial photo was blasted online by many netizens, stating that their relationship is morally wrong and inappropriate, breaking the harmony within the family and exceeding the boundaries. It is believed that their parents are aware of their situation, but it seems that they haven't taken any action in counseling their son and daughter.
Having a relationship within the family is something serious and is offensive to the laws of the land and to the laws of heaven. Whether the two have been in a relationship for a long time is something to be discovered, but certainly many have expressed disappointment and strong opposition for the sibling's feelings towards each other.

When the picture is spread all found out that the account that named "Jane Louise Escober " is fake and is now banned from the social networking site.

Source: The Cosmic Board
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