Thursday, April 28, 2016

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Canadian singer Avril Lavigne is alive and well, despite a Brazilian conspiracy theory website’s claims that the 31-year-old passed away over a decade ago, and was replaced with a look-alike actress.

New York Daily News reports that the website “Avril is Dead,” continues to offer photo comparisons of the singer and actress Melissa Vandella, in an attempt to prove that Lavigne passed away in 2002, and Vandella, who looks like Lavigne, is now posing as her. The website also lists 12 differences between Lavigne and Vandella, ranging from different birthmarks to facial blemishes, and more.

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Avril Ramona Lavigne’s double is reportedly called Melissa Vandella and the two quickly become friends. Is it just a coincidence that the name Melissa is written in permanent sharpie ink on Avril’s hand during a photo shoot?

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When questioned about the website, the creator and owner suggested that the site was merely “a way of showing how conspiracy theories may seem true.” Regardless, it resulted in a plethora of fans believing that the “Sk8er Boi” singer had actually died.

Yet, some people still can’t let go of the conspiracy theory that Vandella replaced Lavigne. One fan commented that the “real Lavigne” would have never married Kroeger. Others can’t let go of the hoax because of Lavigne’s stark change in music and style when she released her 2013 single, “Hello Kitty.” The once pop/punk rock image was replaced with a Japanese-themed pop singer, who a number of shocked viewers referred to as a “Gwen Stefani wannabe.”

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Lavigne joins a long list of celebrities who’ve been on the conspiracy theory lists for years, including Tupac Shakur, who allegedly faked his death and now lives on an unknown island, Michael Jackson, who allegedly faked his own death as well, but appears dressed incognito at important functions. Arnold Schwarzenegger recently joined the list as the target of a death hoax that quickly went viral.

Avril Lavigne hasn’t commented yet on the most recent death allegations, but fans and supporters can rest assured that the Canadian rocker is not only alive and well, but she’s continuing on with her music career after a much-anticipated wait.

Maybe you can notice some changes to her face but it is because she's getting older, we are used in seeing her young and as a punk star while we forget that she's 31 years old as of now.

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