Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ooops! Trending...

The truth behind Maxene Magalona's bothering video that trends on social media

These days, more and more celebrities are getting involved in scandals online! Some videos. We all know for a fact that whoever is involved in a private video, may she be a celebrity or an ordinary person, the netizens will still spread it online! 

But just recently, the netizens were shocked when Maxene  Magalona, the daughter of Francis Magalona, has become a trending topic in different social media sites.

The alleged involvement of Maxene Magalona in the said private video, isn't confirmed yet. Some people even claimed that the said video was just uploaded by a dummy account. 

A lot of people are requesting to turn the video down, but then it seems that it will be useless since other people have already saved it in their phones and computers.

But still, there hasn't been any confirmation yet if the footage was real or not. 

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