Thursday, February 18, 2016

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What Your Fart And Its Smell Means To Your Health – You Need To Know This Now

Many of us just think that making a fart with a “toot” sound is just embarrassing. Well, for certain occasions, yes, it is! Imagine doing that while everyone’s in serious mode. What also makes it distinct is the smell it gives off. Well, you don’t want to smell it, aren’t you?

Do you know how and where does fart comes from? According to LiveScience, fart comes from everything we eat, drink, and the gas we engulf. Yes, and a stink fact that it’s normal to fart about half a gallon or 1.9 liters of fart or about 15-20 times of “toot” every day. Yayks! But, it’s healthy! Just do it in appropriate places.

Flatulence, the proper term for farting, is passing of gas from the digestive system to the “back door”. Although farting is commonly treated as embarrassment or source of laughter to many, abnormal frequency of fart could mean some serious health issues.

Here are signs wherein fart can be troublesome according to Medical News Today:

- When farting occurs frequently and involuntarily

- Lots of gas emitted

- Farting is consistently “foul-smelling”

- Feeling bloated in the abdomen.

- Knotted sensation in the abdomen.

- There may be sharp or cramps in the abdomen.

- Sometimes Fart may change location within the abdomen.

Other causes of farting could be allergies in certain foods affecting digestion. Some may include lactose intolerance. Or even constipation.

Now, here are the benefits of farting to you

According to PositiveMed, having fart could tell of a healthy diet. Foods rich in dietary fibers are the most suspects of farting. Good dietary fibers can also help prevent health issues in the heart and the others.

Components of Fart
The gas that comes out of our body, fart, is composed of hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, methane, and others.

Let’s just remember that flatulence or farting is just a natural part of our being. It must be released! just remember to do it in a proper way where there’s no one will be smelling it as possible. But, as always, be observant if the farting seems abnormal. You must see a doctor about the issue.

Remember also to avoid those foods that won’t easily digest which can usually cause smelly and stinky farts.

Stay healthy everyone!

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