Monday, February 15, 2016

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The Real Purpose Of The Tab At The End Of The Chopsticks! Mind Blown!

If you like to eat in a Chinese and Japanese restaurant, then you have used chopsticks several times in your life. 

There are several kinds of chopsticks. In a fancy restaurant you will be given a pair of non-disposable chopsticks but in an ordinary food chain, a disposable pair would be given to you. 

Are you familiar with the disposable ones at the top of the chopsticks, well a woman named Trash Panda showed the people how those tabs are supposed to be used. 

It is not supposed to be broken apart, but to be used in preventing the sticks from touching the surface of the table thus keeping it clean. 

Many people who have seen these photos say that they have never thought that a small piece of wood could be that useful.

Source: elitereaders
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