Sunday, February 21, 2016

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How To Keep Your Breasts Firm Like Never Before – You Need To See This

Everyone just wanted to look good as much as possible. Why? Because people are mostly looking and judging according to the outside looks of others. Women, most especially, are spending much money just to maintain the beauty and their wit through different cosmetics, makeups, and other dermatology related things.

Each body part is very much important. Since the ancient times, not only accessories makes a woman beautiful but also, her delicate body parts.

Among the most important parts of a woman is her bosom or her breasts. People just can’t deny that (because it’s a natural instinct) most men are attracted with the woman’s bosom.

Not only that the breast is for attraction and beauty purposes, but also, a firm bosom could indicate a healthy and fit body. Well, this is actually wanted by most women; having a firm and young looking bosom.

Today, you’re going to learn how to maintain and make your breasts firm according to Positivemed. You’ll be learning some yoga poses that will surely tone your upper body.
Here we go!

1. Warrior pose

First, keep your legs apart and slightly bend one knee. Keep the foot straight in right angle. The other leg should be stretched backwards without any bending. Keep your hands stretched and straight. Stare straight in front. Do a few breaths and repeat on the other leg about 10 times. “Regular practice of this pose would prevent sagging of the breasts”.

2. Cobra pose

Start by laying down in the mat face front. Keep your feet a little apart. Then try to pushing your upper torso backwards till you lift your groin. Balance your body on your stretched. Try to push your head backwards while looking up. “Slowly exhale while coming down to resume position again.” Hold position for 10 seconds. Cobra pose “expands your chest and also helps stretch your pectoral muscles.”

3. Triangle Pose

Start by placing your feet about three feet apart. Then, slowly begin bending to the waist until your right-hand touches the floor. Point the fingers in your left hand up toward the sky. Your right palm must slide down your leg and land on the floor then, behind your leg. If you can, try also grabbing your toes with your palm.

4. Bridge Pose

Start by laying on the mat while your hands are on your sides, face down. After lying flat on your back, bend your legs and keep them wide apart. Now, slowly raise your knees while your legs are straight just like making bridge. This pose helps you stretch your chest and tighten your breasts.

5. Bow Pose

The bow poses could look like the opposite of the bridge pose. First, lie on your stomach with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then bend your knee like your reaching your butt. Now, raise your chest and your head. Hold the pose for 10 seconds while exhaling. Repeat

6. Viparita Karini or Legs-up-the-wall pose

This pose is often done as the finale of the session because it’s relaxing. Start by lying down while your buttocks is inches away from the wall making your legs straight. Your palms should be open and relaxed outwards. Try balancing yourself through practice. Do this for 10 minute

Try doing these exercises carefully. Please have a medical checkup if possible to ensure total benefits and safety.

Source: Positivemed
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