Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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Karen Davila response to a netizen comment about the interview with Alma Moreno

Alma Moreno went viral on the social media after her controversial interview with Karen Davila.

However, some had criticize Karen's hosting as well. She was described as arrogant because of those hard question for Alma Moreno, the Actress was described "unprepared" about her senatorial bid.

One netizen commented:

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This is the response of Ms. Karen Davila

"NO, interview questions are never given to an interviewee. I research a lot & try and come as prepared as I can every single day. If you watched the interview in full, you will see that I shifted to Tagalog, during many times - I tried to help her. My previous interviews were much tougher - w Sen Bongbong Marcos for example or MIAA GM Anghel Honrado. When someone is running for higher office - they must have an understanding of issues. This is a standard we owe to the Filipino people. You will choose in the end. My job is to ask the hard questions."

Ms. Karen also noted that she did not ask Alma about other national issues and instead focused on the reproductive health law because "because she said her advocacy is on women."

Source: Danified
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