Tuesday, October 20, 2015

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The oldest fan of AlDub touches the heart of AlDub fans.

This is the story of an old man in Bulacan touches the heart of AlDub fans. It was shared by an avid fan through Twitter that goes with a username ; Perfect Timeng, the post was publicly shared as early as 7:00 a.m., Sunday on October 18, 2015. 

According to Perfect Timeng (‘Lolo’) is hesitant to take advantage of being a senior citizen and be in front of those people who have waited in line for hours but when he knew that after reserving tickets, he still need to go in line again, thinking that the first lines the final process.

when they got the ticket boot there are no more 350php worth of ticket so LOLO gets the 150php worth of the ticket, they thought that he will disappoint because he waited for a long time to get there but lolo said that " okay lang na 150php ang mahala mapuno natin diba para di na tayo maliitin"

This story also touched the heart of Maine Mendoza., she is now looking for the oldest fan of AlDub.

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