Monday, August 17, 2015

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Karma is a Bitch

Karma has been fast for this lady. On the picture and conversation that went viral over the internet, a girlfriend wanted to show his boyfriend how she cheats him.

Nowadays, not only the men but the women as well are having third parties.

To many, they say that whatever a man can do, the woman can show off more.

However, this became a tragic situation for the female in the picture.

This copy of the conversation via Snapchat caught the attention of the netizens worldwide:

GF: "Does he look familiar?" (photo of her and BF's brother in an intimate scene)
BF:" Looks like my brother"
GF: "hahahaha yep"
BF: "I literally know everything about him and he has STDs"

Now, it seemed like karma is really a bitch to this woman.

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