Thursday, August 27, 2015

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While at the height of the controversy for opening the parcel and asking high taxes on the recipients, the Bureau of Customs (BoC) again made the people on social media angry.

In a Facebook post of Jujeath Nagaowa, 27 years old a boxer from Benguet who has a record of 13 wins, 15 losses, 1 draw and 8 knockouts, she stated how the Customs treated her.

According to her, they declare the price of $400 for the said championship belt which she had won in a 10 round fight held at the Forum de Macau over Lou.

The staff of Customs arrogantly said that it was already discounted because it should've been $700. According to Jujeath, it's clearly seen that they are dictating the value of each parcel in order to collect higher tax.

The boxer and MMA fighter's heart broke when she experienced such thing. She raised our flag on her fight, but she was insulted by our own government's department.

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