Monday, August 31, 2015

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A controversy regarding Chinese people eating fetus has been rumored for over a long time now.

One of these is the man on the picture which has been passed on through the internet since 2011.

The man in the video is Zhu Yu, an artist known for his strange arts. He claimed he cooked and ate real fetus, but it was all for the Shanghai arts festival in 2000. And he used an aborted fetus from the medical school for it.

Surprisingly, he has a Christian background and for him, every time he does his art, he thinks of Jesus. He said that people shouldn't be afraid of death cause it's just natural.
On the said piece, he just wanted to show that there's a gap between Morals and Law. According to him, we have a law, both morally and legally not to kill anyone but neither of the two forbids us from eating other people.

Courtesy of zczfilms, WereBlog

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