Friday, August 28, 2015

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A 2-year-old child died after being hit by a car while her mother is busy playing on her smartphone.

Technology are made to give us information, entertainment and sometimes for attention. 
But nowadays, gadgets such as smartphones and tablets intended to attract our attention that focuses on social media and such.

An incident happened to a mother and her son apparently going to Zhenzhou New World Shopping Mall. 
The little boy aged 2-year-old was walking behind her mother outside the mall when suddenly a white Hyundai SUV car hit the child while getting out from the parking space area.
On the other hand, the mother was too busy using her smartphone that made her forget about her son that already hit by the car. 
Medical authorities rushed the child to the hospital but he already passed away while they are on their way.

The mother was shocked and fainted afterwards.

Police Officials were still on the job to investigate the said incident.

Gadgets are created to be used in the right time and the right way. 
May this incident be a lesson for us to prioritize important happenings rather than to made ourselves busy on other things that can make the life of our loved one's be at risk.

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