Tuesday, February 21, 2017

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This Girlfriend exposes woman who tries to flirt her boyfriend on facebook!

A certain Vanna Jimenez is now being lambasted across social media after a certain netizen named Clara Mendoza berated her for flirting with his boyfriend.

According to Clara, Jimenez was her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. She admitted that her boyfriend flirted with Jimenez when they had a fight once. But Clara shared that it came as a surprise to her that Jimenez would go as low as sending nude photos to her boyfriend.

She discovered the message exchanges of the two and took her anger to Facebook. She started the post saying that she thought of greeting Jimenez with a "Hi" on her post for formalities, but noted that Jimenez didn't deserve to feel comfortable at all.

Source: Daified

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Creepy! Victim on the Tanay Bus Accident Had Premonition of Her Death Exactly 24 Hours Before It Happened!

A post of one of the students of Bestlink College of the Philippines in Novaliches who died during the tragic bus crash in Tanay Rizal is making rounds on social media.

At exactly 8:43 pm on February 19, the female student posted a cryptic message saying she would be gone for a few days.

"Tomorrow is the day! Ilang araw din akong mawawala sa mundong ibabaw," she wrote.

Although there is nothing wrong with the line since their camping would supposedly take three days, her next statements had chills climbing up their spine of netizens.

"Mamumundok ako at pag naka survive makakauwi ako ng buhay," she said and added that she will miss her family.

The cryptic message was posted at 8:43 am. Coincidentally, reports claim that the incident in Rizal transpired around 8:45 am. Netizens who read the post believes that there truly might be a hidden premonition lurking behind the post.

According to many netizens, such premonitions should not be taken lightly, emphasizing the need for a prayer. The online community has also expressed tehir sympathy for the families of the victims.

"Kung naka survive sya may tama ang prediction nya.. Anyway bago naman sya nawala ay nanalangin sya sa dios na gabayan sya kaya im sure kasama na nya si god ngayon," commented netizen ???? ?????

"Totoo yan.. Kaya pag ako may nararamdaman akong kakaiba.. Nag dodoble ingat ako. May mga hidden signs kasi yan. Don't forget na magdasal palagi guys. Hindi namimili ang Diyos ng pinapakinggan," said Jet Santos.

The unfortunate accident claimed 15 lives and left 40 college students injured. Base on the report from ABS CBN, the bus driver lost control of the brakes and was forced to hit an electric post in Magnetic Hill, Peligrino Farm, Sitio Bayukan, Barangay Sampaloc in Tanay.

Source: Danified
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Dad Has No Idea Why His Baby Is Crying So Loud But When He Took Off Her Socks, This Is What He Discovered!

A baby that cries constantly is something all parents should be wary of. Because a baby is helpless without its parents, crying is the only way it has of communicating.

It’s frightening to think that there may be something wrong with your little one, especially for new parents. There always a greater chance that the discomfort an infant is feeling is gas, hunger, fatigue or a combination of the three. More experienced parents learn to pick up certain quirks their child has and work around it.

Some babies like to be cradled; others like to be sung to.

It’s these parents who usually develop a ‘sixth sense’ when it comes to their baby’s health – and know when something is off.

That is why many parents will share their tidbits of advice with friends, family and even strangers online who are becoming parents themselves.
This article is for you parents with infants.
Scott and Jessica Walker tried everything they could to help with their infant daughter’s inconsolable crying. They tried the usual techniques to calm her down: rocking her side-to-side, swinging to-and-fro and even soaked the baby in cool water because they thought she was too hot.

When they took off her socks, that’s when they finally understood why their little one was in so much pain. It was a tiny detail that would’ve been potentially overlooked by anyone who wasn’t paying attention to their child. A strand of hair had managed to catch on one of her toes. The hair was wrapped so tightly that it had sliced through her skin.

Jessica was a nurse who acted quickly when she saw the wrapped toe. She took a pair of tweezers and carefully removed the hair cutting through her daughter’s flesh.

This hair problem is called a “hair tourniquet” and is a fairly common with infants. A baby has tiny and gentle extremities so it’s easy for a hair to accidentally wrap itself around them. As a baby moves about the hair tightens around the baby, cutting off circulation. These incidents can also occur while a baby sleeps, as loose thread can constrict parts of their body. The same idea happens when they wear socks.

Like any concerned parent, Scott and Jessica wished to share their story online as a reminder to all parents to look closely into the details. You can never know what is hurting your baby unless you take the proper steps in figuring out what it is.

Source: DailyDigest
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Model Ann B. Mateo Goes Viral Again Because of Her Sexy and Daring Photo! Must See!

“If you don’t know who Ann B. Mateo is, you’ve probably been hiding in a place where the WiFi couldn’t reach. This girl’s been all over the web.”

Those were the exact same words that FHM Philippines posted with regards to the newest, hottest sensation on the internet, Ann Mateo. Guys all over have been drooling for her and the reason is pretty much obvious.

FHM Philippines reported that Ann initially appeared in car shows as a model. She’s also currently studying Architecture. Then the model turned heads when she made a cameo in OPM singer Donnalyn Bartolome’s ‘Kakaibabe’ music video.

If you look her up, pictures and pictures would flood your feed. The girl has been catching the eyes of men because of her flawless, alabaster skin and hot, well-sculpted figure. Check these out:

Ann also made waves when she uploaded her own ‘Trumpets’ Challenge video, where it immediately went viral. It had a total of 1.5 million views and was shared more than 7,000 times on Facebook alone.
Source: Facebook
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Monday, February 20, 2017

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Customer in China Chops off Head of Restaurant Owner For Overpriced Noodles!

Customers are always right', the popular saying goes. However, people in the retail service sector often encounter absurd, rude or just plain crazy type of people.

This restaurant owner might have just met the worst of them all.

On February 18, a horrid incident took place in China after one customer chopped off the head of a restaurant owner for allegedly 'overpricing' the noodles he serves. According to SCMP's report, the gruesome scene transpired in Hubei Province, China in a restaurant in Wuhan.

The unnamed 22-year-old suspect discovered the alleged overpricing of the noodles by 1 Yuan or almost eight Philippine pesos after receiving the bill for his three bowls of noodles.

Infuriated, the man confronted the 42-year-old owner. However, the owner dismissed him with the statement, "Don’t eat [the noodles] if you can’t afford them!"

Probably insulted by the statement, the argument escalated quickly and turned violent. With the use of a kitchen knife, the suspect incessantly stabbed the man's neck until he chopped off his head. The scene was bloody and gory, according to witnesses.

The owner's disturbing scream of sheer terror could be heard in the video circulating on social media. To top off his horrendous crime, the suspect even threw the chopped off head in a trash bin nearby, leaving the body on the crime scene.

The suspect was still present at the scene when the police authorities arrived. He was literally caught with blood on his hands. The authorities brought him in for investigation while his victim's severed head was retrieved by the authorities.

Many netizens speculated that the 22-year-old man may have been on drugs or is mentally impaired. However, the authorities are yet to release an assessment with regards to the suspect's mental state.

Source: Readersfill
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Happy Moments Of Students Hours Before The Tanay Tragedy! This Will Give You The Chills!

No one saw it coming. Hours before the untoward accident suffered by students from Bestlink College of the Philippines in Novaliches, all posed for a group picture in smiles and excited faces inside their tourist bus.

Around 50 passengers were bound for a camping trip to Sacramento Adventure Camp located in Tanay. However, at around 8:45 a.m., while the bus carrying the plate number TXS 325 was travelling along Sitio Bayucan, its break failed to function and bumped into an electrical post, according to reports of Tanay police.

The tragedy happened in a blind curve in Magnetic Hill near Peligrino Farm where 14 students died and 20 other were wounded.

Netizens were all saddened by the unlikely ending of the students' supposedly fun trip. They all were obviously thrilled to have a break from their stressful school duties.

One of the students named Sam Garcia Vidal earlier posted photos to Facebook while they were waiting to depart at 5 a.m.. Luckily, he survived and is now recovering in the hospital.

Source: TNP
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Sunday, February 19, 2017

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Netizens React to Pres. Duterte's Emotional Moment With the Remains of Soldiers Killed by NPA!

President Rodrigo Duterte's iconic picture has gone viral all over social media. It was captured by  Edge Davao’s photographer Lean Daval Jr.

Duterte visited the wake of Corporal Michael Yadao and Private Virnel Damondon on Thursday in Barangay Tawantawan Davao City.

The photograph shows the vulnerable side of the President as he cried hard over the fallen soldiers who were killed after their encounter with the New People's Army.

Seventeen others are luckily alive but were wounded by the blast. They were also visited by Duterte and were honored at the Camp Panacan Station Hospital (CPSH) of the Naval Station Felix Apolinario in Panacan.

Earlier this month, the President declared an all-out war against the NPA and decided to put an end to the peace talks between his government and the CPP-NPA-NDF due to their constant attacks to the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Netizens sympathized with Duterte and expressed their reactions through their social media accounts.

They believe that the President acts as a father to our nation today and that moments like this breaks his heart.

The last time Duterte was seen crying in public was when he visited his parents' grave after winning the May elections.

Are you touched by the President's tears? Comment below!

Source: Facebook
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