Tuesday, January 17, 2017

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Student-Breadwinner Gets Shot to Death for Fishing Near a Private Island in Samar! MUST READ!

It's not easy to earn money while you're studying and it's definitely not easy when you're supposed to be the breadwinner of your family. But what happens when the supposed breadwinner also dies on the spot?

In a Facebook post by Lavz Cruz dela Desabille last January 15, a Grade 10 student was allegedly shot when he was out fishing near a private island in Samar province. The victim was identified as Marlo P. Atiga, a 17-year-old student who was supposedly the breadwinner of their family.

Marlo was fishing near Sibugay Island, Tagapula-an when he got shot at close range by an unknown assailant. In the picture, it could be seen that Marlo suffered a gunshot wound on the right eye. The perpetrator claimed that apart from the island itself, they also own the sea surrounding it.

Marlo has been described as a kind and hardworking student who only wanted to help his family by fishing as a means of extra income. The weather was allegedly bad when the incident occurred. The Facebook post said that the suspect is still at large and the police are not doing anything to help capture the killer.

Lavz claimed that Marlo was "napakabait at ulirang bata... walang bisyo. Maisipag [sic] at nag aaral ng [sic] mabuti." She continued, saying "Ang masakit po wala din ginawa ang mga pulis para matulungan ang bata."

In her post, Lavz appealed to the police and the local authorities, saying that justice should be given to the victim and the family left behind. She also said that if the case is ignored and the suspect remains uncaptured, similar tragedies will continue to occur and many more lives will be lost.

What do you think of this case? Do you think Marlo's killer needs to be arrested immediately? What do you think of fishing on or near private islands? Share your thoughts with us!

Source: Facebook
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After Her Husband Discovered That She Had Another Boyfriend, He Did This Inhumane Act! Must See!

A teenager was found almost-decapitated last January 11 at a house in Lanao Del Norte.

There are still no official reports about it but Angelito Erojo Ferolino posted on his Facebook account that the unnamed teenager met his untimely death in the hands of his girlfriend's husband.

According to him, the teenager did not know that his girlfriend already had a husband. When the husband found out that his wife has another man, he went wild.

Ferolino also added that the teenager has no idea that his girlfriend is already married.

The teenager's head was almost completely slashed, spectators who saw described it as "very inhumane murder."

The suspect is still being searched by the police.

WARNING: The photos below are not safe for work.

( See Photo Here )

Source: Facebook

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This Girl Broke Up With Her Boyfriend and Humiliated Him After Discovering He Was Poor! Unbelievable

If you think drama such as "langit ka, lupa ako" can only be seen movies or TV series, then this real-life story might surprise you. A girl in China broke up with her boyfriend a day before Valentines after learning that he was poor.

According to local news in China, the couple went to the guy's hometown to introduce the girl to the family. They served her the best food that they can to show her that she is welcome to the family.

However, upon seeing the food the family prepared, the girl immediately walked out and later on broke up with the guy. She made her horrible act worse by posting a photo of the said on Facebook, which humiliated the guy's family. She captioned the picture with:

"I came to my senses almost instantly and decided I’d save the crying and heartache later by breaking off with him now! But I’m afraid to leave because it’s dark outside and it’s tough getting transport so I’ll buy a train ticket back to Shanghai first thing in the morning!”

This Girl Broke Up With Her Boyfriend and Humiliated Him After Discovering He Was Poor! Unbelievable

Surprisingly, her family and friends supported her decisions. One of her friends even commented:

"Be cruel to yourself now, otherwise you will suffer later. No matter how much you love each other, it’ll wear out over time!"

Many netizens were disgusted with the girl's attitude and reprimanded her for being materialistic. Some even called her "gold-digger." They noted how love should go beyond mere social classes and should conquer all.

What about you? What do you think?

Source: egrantz
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At First, They Just Looked Like Ordinary Dancers But What They Did Next Will Shock You! WATCH THIS!

A video went viral as this duo called Maintenant showed their incredible contemporary dance performance.

At first glance, you would think that they are both just normal dancers dancing to a melodramatic song. But when you finish the video, we doubt that you can say that again.

The flexible yet mesmerizing dance steps of the duo made its way to social media and gave their name even more popularity.

Watch the full video here:

Source: Youtube
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Sunday, January 15, 2017

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Father Installs CCTV Cameras At Home. What He Saw When He Watched The Footage Gave Him Goosebumps!

An unbelievably creepy video is now going viral on social media. It is a CCTV footage featuring a daughter's shows a daughter's doll moving on its own.

According to the Facebook page which posted the video, the father installed the CCTV cameras to be able to see his daughter from afar. However, he saw something which gave him the creeps.

Aside from the creepy moving doll seen in the first parts of the short clip, a more horrifying scene was captured by the camera.

In the second part of the video, the daughter who was drawing all alone in the living room suddenly ran away, apparently scared after the papers all around seemed to have been ruffled by an unseen entity.

After she left, other things also started moving, including the TV remote, the table and other things in the living area. It was like a scene straight from Paranormal Activity.

Watch the full video and see for yourself!

However, netizen argue whether or not the footage is real or fake, While some say that is a manifestation of the supernatural, others argued that other that no father would intentionally prank her daughter in such a traumatic manner, thereby arguing that the footage is indeed real.

Source: Facebook
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Disgusting! Chinese Restaurant Accused of Cooking and Serving Human Feet to Customers


The following article features graphic images. Reader discretion is advised. 

Restaurants exist because people want good food prepared by a professional. Certain standards have to be met before a restaurant can serve. This includes having a friendly staff, cleanliness, and of course, proper handling of food.

As a customer, you expect to be served what you ordered.

So imagine the shock of a customer at a Chinese restaurant in Italy when they discovered they may have consumed a human foot!

An unnamed waiter of the aforementioned restaurant took this grisly photo of what appears to be a pair of decomposing human feet in a blue bowl.

The waiter claims his photo shows a pair of 'bear claws' - a Chinese delicacy served at his workplace.

Upon seeing the graphic photo, a long-time customer immediately reported the restaurant to the authorities.

We don't blame them.

Health inspectors went to investigate the allegation and were stunned with the appalling conditions of the restaurant. They found 55lbs of meat and fish of frozen dubious origin - alongside packs of crab meat and frog legs well passed their expiry date. There was also 'layers of dirt and grease' all over the kitchen

It's not known if the investigation yielded results for 'bear claws' like the one in the picture. They have since consulted with a forensic pathologist to determine if the meat in the photo is genuinely human.

There have been no reports of the Chinese restaurant shutting down.

Source: Elitereaders
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Netizen Cries For Justice After Father Passes Away Because Doctor Refused To Help Them

The amount of influence that a doctor has on their patient is of great value. The power to save a life is something which they earned after years of dedication and hard work in medical school.

Failure to save a life can be frustrating to some, but this one doctor seemingly didn’t mind to witness the death of a patient who was battling for his life.

A certain Facebook user by the name of Joseph Custodio sought the help of netizens as he tries to find the doctor who refused to give aid to his father.

This incident happened in General Emilio Aguinaldo Hospital located in Trece Martires, Cavite, where Joseph brought his father to the emergency room who experienced chest pains and difficulty in breathing.

According to his narrative on Facebook, he approached Dr. Morada and asked if he can check his father. To his surprise, the doctor said "Hintayin mo tawagin pangalan mo." "Doc, I think he is having a heart attack", he replied.

Dr. Morada said "Ikaw ang kulit mo, kung nagmamadali ka e di ilipat mo o kaya iuwi mo.”

Despite being treated poorly, Joseph still attempted to convince the doctor to help them by humbling himself, knowing that the conceited and heartless Dr Morada was the only one who can help them.

After some time, he decided to go to the police to seek help. After coming back to the ward, he saw another doctor attending to his father.

A certain Dr. Cabrera helped them while Dr Morada was nowhere to be found. When asked about his whereabouts or even just the complete name of the doctor, nurses, and staff refused to give the information.

Joseph’s father passed away at the emergency room at that same hour.

Source: Facebook
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